Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 230

Today we went to the zoo.

meet mr. giraffe. 

this kid found out how to get down one step. so he kept crawling up and then down the step. he was so proud of himself. 

 this is our pathetic attempt at trying to get all the kids in one picture. asher is crawling off and grady is nowhere to be found (i think he was behind the bear)


another attempt at getting a picture with the kiddos together.

of course we had to take a picture in the BIG chair.

poor caden had school to go to :( 

chicken pettin' time. 

looking at the hippos

sweet sleepin' babe

hippos have HUGE mouths

the boys slept the whole way home :) 

Happy Thursday, ya'll!


Katelyn said...

Dude that first picture of the giraffe is awesome!

Karin said...

I agree - that is an amazing picture of the giraffe! It needs to be in a magazine or a frame.

I love these photos - of course! Thanks for putting up so many:) It's wonderful that you and Deb are able to combine your childcare efforts and enjoy some time at the zoo together.