Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 233

I think I'm on Day 233? I know I missed a couple of days, but here's a picture for Sunday, August 21, 2011.

(f/22; 1/40s; ISO 800; 20mm)
*no clue what was up with my settings*

Sunday I decided to move... well, move the stuff I wouldn't need for the next month. The friends I'm going to be living with said it was fine to move whatever I wanted over whenever. So instead of moving everything to the basement when my family moves down there (which is tomorrow) I moved it over to my new room. I have more than I thought I did... and I even downsized this summer. The majority of the boxes were filled with books though, and I have a desk and a bookshelf in there.

Oh and thank you David for helping me move all of this :) You're wonderful!

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Karin said...

That's great! So, you all will be a bit crowded in the basement for the next month, won't you? Sounds like a month-long sleep-over:)