Friday, May 4, 2012

Job Hunting

This is something I had written last year at almost the same time. I had found out that Kate didn't need me much over the summer, so I started job hunting. I feel like it still relates with me now.

Do you know what I dislike most about job hunting?

It's the decisions that need to be made.

I don't mind the interviews, because really, who doesn't like me? ;) Now, on a more serious note, I don't mind interviews, because I KNOW I have the skills needed for the job. I also know that if they reject me, it's not about me, it's about the fact that we either didn't click, or that I don't have the experience they want... although this time around it's probably just because we don't click. Or, they don't hire me for another legit reason.

The only interview that has ever scared me was my first one that I had at Wendy's. I was so nervous that I was physically shaking. My (soon to be) manager even noticed me shaking. ha. ha. I still got the job... so it's all good :)

Last year when I had three or four interviews, none of them made me nervous, and I learned quite a bit from that. I was "rejected" by the first 3 people who interviewed me, but they all gave me really good reasons. (except for one, but I'm glad I didn't get that job). The last interview I had was with the family that I nanny for now. I'm pretty sure God just wanted me to trust in him for awhile.

I never finished it, and it's been in my drafts, but I can tell that I definitely don't like having to make the decisions. For example, I had an interview with a family that I really hope to work for, but unfortunately they are interviewing someone else next week and will get back to me AFTER that. I can't decide if I should put in a ton of effort and find some more possibilities, or if I should wait and see what happens. Also, what if someone else offers me a job and I want to wait and see what the other family tells me, what do I do then? Anyway, that's pretty much how it would have ended if I had finished it in the first place ;)

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