Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Life in Pictures

I was looking through the pictures on my phone, and I realized I had some pretty funny pictures. Sorry about the bad quality photos, these were taken with my phone. 

Watching cookies bake. They boys just pulled their chairs up, and asked me to turn the oven light on. 

Walking to pick up Caden from school. Look at the boys in the back :) 

I don't know how to turn pictures around, but I thought this picture was hilarious. We made a fantastic tent that day. 

Shopping until we drop

I let Maxwell make his own sandwich... it actually made more work for me.

Asher got some vaseline in his hair, and the thought of going upstairs to give him a bath was too tiring. 

Poor baby was so tired as we went grocery shopping. 

Maxwell likes to hide from the camera

Asher peeking in to the neighbor's yard, he heard the dogs. 

Caiden and Grady being silly at Chipotle

The boys I live with decided it would be fun to unroll, an entire pack of tp, and an entire pack of paper towels,. This was everywhere! 

Asher got some more gunk in his hair

Poor little boy fell off his chair and bumped his head.

Madilyn and Caiden at cosago. AKA Costco

Date to see the Hunger Games

I asked Max what Asher was doing, and he said, "He's asleep on the stairs" Indeed he was, Max, indeed he was. 

Sweet boy found my sunglasses

Asher found his dad's flip flops and put them on

Asher fell asleep in the stroller, and so I left him in the garage so he could catch some zzz's

Asher with more gunk in his hair, and a knife in his hand. I was watching him closely, and it was just a butter knife.

Maxwell ready to pop at the park

Asher accessorizing 

I came upstairs the other morning and found Grady fast asleep. 

Just shopping away. Maxwell wanted to get out, but we had to wait until checking out to get him out. 

Mads found a packet of hot chocolate, poured it all over the floor, and in her face. 


Rach said...

Wow! I will NEVER again convince myself that Judah gets into a lot of stuff! He doesn't have near as much fun as these kiddos. ;) Love the pictures!

Karin said...

These pictures are SO FUNNY!!! I'm so glad you posted them. Asher seems to fall asleep in random places, eh?