Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Another week. Another Wednesday. Happy Day!

I'm linking up with emyselfandi once again.

I'm actually really glad that it's Wednesday! :)

- I love every other Wednesday, because that's when the housekeeper comes. I do have to be more on the ball, and make sure things are somewhat picked up, and I have to try to get the boys out of the house. But, oh... coming home is so sweet. I am such a spoiled nanny. Really. I love that I have to focus less on cleaning, and I can focus more on the boys. It also helps for me to get a head start on certain projects... like doing loads of laundry.

- One reason I'm glad it's Wednesday is that David is finally having surgery today. This means that his bone won't tear through his skin. Hopefully. And then he can really start healing.

- I'm so proud of myself. This morning I went grocery shopping with the boys, and we were home within an hour, and a trunk full of groceries. I impressed myself.

- I was so disappointed the other day when I had folded a couple loads of laundry, and then realized that some of the clothes were dirty. I was sure that some of them were clean too, but I didn't know which ones were clean and which ones were dirty. So, I had to throw everything back into the washer, and I'm still trying to finish these clothes today.

- Monday was a very rainy day, and we treated it as such. We drank hot chocolate, made cookies, read books, and cuddled under blankets. Have I ever mention I really like my job?

- Most mornings this week I've been dying to take a nap. Even if it's 10 or 11 in the morning... sometimes even at 9 am.

- I feel like all I ever do is feed the boys. This morning before going to the store, I gave them a snack. Think 9 am snack. So, they had recently had breakfast maybe two hours before. Then I got the boys a fruit smoothie at the store After returning from the store I gave the boys strawberries and yogurt. 30 minutes later I gave them cheese tortillas. They have begged me for food each time. Does anyone else feel this way?

Happy Wednesday!

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Princess Kate said...

I want to take a nap all the time too. I'm your newest follower stopping by from E, Myself and I.