Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 352

My last day in Colorado Springs I got to hang out with these cool people :) 

Doesn't the above one look like an ad? I love Caiden with his jacket unzipped and no shirt. I should probably just crop David out of the picture. 

Well folks, from what it looks like I won't be getting much off of my broken computer. The hard drive is ruined :( This is why you all should buy an external hard drive to back up your photos! That's definitely on my to do list as soon (or even before) I return to the U.S.

I'm SOOO bummed about my photos. They told my dad that they were able to get a little bit off of my hard drive, but not much. They are going to keep trying through Monday. Then they will be putting a new hardrive into my computer. Do you want to hear the good news though? It should be free. I still have a warranty on my Macbook that I got a year and a half ago, and they say that I can use the warranty here! I will just have to pay for them to get what they can off of the hard drive. Other than that, I won't have to pay anything for it to be fixed. Sadly, they won't be done with my computer for another 12-14 days. In 14 days I go to the beach, and I wasn't planning on taking my computer to the beach... It makes me wish that I had just left my computer in Colorado... Since I won't be using it here.

I miss lightroom! I'm back to using iphoto on my sister's computer and it's SO hard to use compared to lightroom, 

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Karin said...

Beautiful photos! Is Grady not wearing any pants? That's pretty much constantly the way I see him here at the house:)

I love the colors in the second photo!