Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 361

Today was a busy day. I told you in this post, that my sister had some friends coming in on Monday night, and because my sister Katelyn's friend who is staying for six months, had her parent with her for three days, we tried to cram in as much as possible.

First, we went and took a tour at HCJB, the mission that my parents work with. I grew up with HCJB, and I thought it would be somewhat dull, but it was really very interesting. 

Those are shadows on my face. 

Next, we went to the middle of the world. There is one spot, just outside of Quito where they have a bunch of stores, and a huge monument which is where the middle of the world is. BUT, when they figured out the middle of the world they couldn't do it exactly. Once a good gps system developed, a little ways down the road they have another place where the 'real' middle of the world is. The one with the big monument is the one that all the tourists go to. I've been there many times. This time my family went to the other one, where I had never been, and it was really cool. 

This is a real shrunken head. 

My family on the equator. 

We were able to balance an egg on a nail because it was right on the equator. 

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Karin said...

It's so neat that you can balance an egg on a nail!