Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So I have this tiny, little dilemma.

When I arrived at home last night, I opened my computer, and set it on my bed. Now, this wouldn't be that different or weird, but I was brilliant and set it very close to the edge of the bed. I then proceeded to sit down on said bed. The next thing I hear is a big crash. I realized almost instantly that my computer had just fallen off the bed and landed quite hard on the tile floor. I quickly picked it up hoping that it wasn't broken. It looked normal. I started messing around with it, and it started doing some weird things. I turned it off and then tried to turn it back on again... it wouldn't turn on.

I'm trying to make this not a big deal. Because I know it's not. I have other computers I can use for anything I need. The reason I am most upset are my pictures. My computer is the only computer with Lightroom on it. This isn't a huge deal though because I lived without lightroom and it was fine. I can just use iphoto. I'm just so bummed because I will have to leave a lot of my photos here. I have no flash stick, or hard drive with me so I can't even bring the copies of the pictures I take back that way.

We are planning on taking it in to see if someone here could fix it (maybe even cheaper than in the U.S.) but there's a chance that it won't be fixable here in Ecuador. I'm just so bummed that I won't have my computer to use for my pictures!

But you can expect me to be putting up pictures on facebook and on here, because that may be the only way that I can get my pictures back in the U.S.

I guess I could also use something like picasa, and just put all my pictures in a web album.

Anyway, does anyone have any ideas? Maybe I could download a 30 day trial of lightroom...

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Karin said...

I'm sorry I wasn't reading when you posted this, as I understand it all worked out. However, had you taken care of the photo back-up before your trip, or were your only copies of pictures on the laptop?