Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just Another Thursday...

These last few days have been some slow days. We've mostly lounged around the house talking, playing games, baking cookies, and eating.

My mom got sick yesterday, and my dad has had to work. So us kids have been left to our own devices. I'm definitely realizing that I could get used to this. I don't have much free time in the states. I feel like I'm constantly rushing around to get something done. Here I have nothing to do, and I like it.... to an extent.

Although... after this week I'm pretty sure I'll be ready to start traveling around Quito/Ecuador.

On Monday, two of my sister's friends come. My sister, Julianna (17), has a friend coming from Colorado Springs to live with my family for almost 3 months. They both went to high school together in the U.S.

My sister, Katelyn (14), has a friend coming from Colorado Springs to live and school with my family for the next semester. For the first week her parents will be with her, and so I'm sure we will be doing some sight seeing and traveling.

Do you all want to hear what I'm most excited for? I'm most excited for January 6 when my family heads down to the coast to party it up for 5 nights. I'm pretty sure the coast of Ecuador is my favorite place to go. Before when we lived here, we used to own a condo on the beach with another four families. Each family was able to use the condo about 2 weeks a year, and then the rest of the time we would rent the condo out. It was beautiful. Once my family (and a few other families) moved to the U.S., we decided the up keep was too much. So we sold it. Shortly after that my parents moved back. When they decided to stay longer than the 9 months that they had first decided on, they also decided to buy another condo. This time they bought the condo with my brother. So, although my parents own most of the condo my brother (21) owns a portion of it. Anyway, all this goes to say is that I grew up vacationing on the beach, and I'm excited to spend 5 beautiful days there soaking up the sun.

So, that's what I'll be up to for the next few weeks. I know all of you are just DYING to see pictures, and I keep telling myself that I will put some up... but I keep putting it off. I keep putting it off because I'm hoping that maybe I can wait for my computer to be fixed before I start working on photos. My dad took it in to an Apple authorized repair place here in Ecuador... and tomorrow I will find out if 1. I lost my entire hard drive, and if I can get it back and 2. how much it will cost to fix it. If I decide to have it fixed here, I will be able to find out how long it will take... and then I can decide if I want to try to deal with my pictures without lightroom or if I want to wait for my computer to be fixed.

I have been taking pictures everyday. How could I not in this beautiful country!? I have such a beautiful view from my bedroom window...

Anyway, there's a quick update for those of you who were dying for one. :)

Happy Thursday!

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Karin said...

Your time on the coast sounds like it will be absolutely lovely. I believe I am jealous.