Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I can't even explain how crazy this week has been. I even began to consider taking a break from this photography project.... but then decided not to. Mostly because I am SO incredibly close to being DONE. I want to finish this project.

This week has consisted of very little sleep, lots of drama, lots of stress, tests, and uh... screaming children. :)

I'm not trying to complain. Really. I'm not.

One of the reasons why this weeks has been so... overwhelming... is because of all the thinking that has been going on in my little noggin.

It's not necessarily bad thoughts, but they have been tiring.

One conclusion that I have come to is that God is forever faithful. Always.

AND my life is so blessed.

It's good to remember those things.

Happy Wednesday, folks!


Mother Figure said...

Wow, Tina, you are going to be SO prepared to be a mother!!

Karin said...

Hang in there, Christina!!! We are so close to done with this year/project:)