Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 209

Today was a busy busy day! I went to work to help get ready for Asher's birthday party, and when I got there she asked me if I would mind running errands for her. I said that was fine... and then she asked me if I would mind if one or two of the boys came along.... well, one or two of the boys actually means all three boys. Which, I didn't really mind. But, oh my is it hard to get stuff done when you're toting three boys around. I took them to 6 different places, plus I took them out to lunch. Seriously though, if I was a mom, I would have a hard time finding the motivation to ever do that. So, (I know I've said this before) but kudos to the moms out there. Really.

Moving on, tonight my dad took me out to practice driving a stick shift. I was slightly nervous because before they moved to Ecuador, I had practiced driving, but I stalled a lot. Tonight I did MUCH better. While we were in an empty parking lot driving around, we saw this GORGEOUS double rainbow... and I was so happy that I had grabbed my camera while walking out the door.

(f/4.5; 1/1250; ISO 800; 18-55mm lens)
I love how there's a church right there too :)

Moving on, tomorrow is sweet little Asher's birthday. And I cannot believe he's one. I started caring for him when he was only a few weeks old, and since then he's been a huge part of my life. What a little cutie he is (although I'm probably biased :))

Here he is about 1 month old.

Here he is at one year. 

Although I LOVE the stage he is in right now, that first picture of him really makes me miss that age. Happy birthday, Asher! Way to live one year :)

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Karin said...

Beautiful double rainbow! Is that Sky Sox Stadium?

Oh, happy 1st birthday to Asher! How cool that he and Andre are so close in age, and share 3 out of 5 letters in their names:)

Taking children out is really hard. I agree.