Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 211

Yesterday I was privileged enough to do yet another photo shoot. What an adorable family this is :)

The one downfall? I'm not so happy with the pictures of ALL four of them. I definitely had trouble getting them not to stand like soldiers, so when it was all four of them it was practically impossible to get them all to look at me, and to have them all in comfortable postions. Sigh, well I hope that one of them is usable.

But their eyes are SO gorgeous. WOW!


Karin said...

Christina, these are BEAUTIFUL!!! My fam is really lucky to have a personal photographer in you to take all of their pictures:)

The last picture of the 3 girls is absolutely gorgeous - looks great in b&w, too! And that picture of C and the one of H are really cute! I is a doll, too!

One thing about the group photo - what aperture were you set on when taking those? Would it have helped to have closed down a little to get more clarity in all 4 of them? That's alot of little ones to all get to do the same thing - you did well with it, though.:)

Katelyn said...

Awww I love it!!!! YES there eyes are gorgeous!