Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 102

Tonight I have so many random things running through my head.

God is good.
Poncho peed in his kennel. I have no washing machine. It stinks. Like really smelly.
I am SO tired, yet so awake. 
I miss my family bunches.
I am counting down the days until they return to me. 
I'm kind of sad that this semester is coming to an end. 
I really really liked my schedule. 
The earliest I had to get up (for the most part) was 8 A.M., and that's doable. 
I got an A+ from the dentist today.
Well, he liked how clean my teeth were. 
I've never had a cavity. 
I love to read, but I have a hard time getting myself to do so. 
My hair is naturally curly. For those of you who may be wondering. 
I really want to go to Ecuador right now.
I really want to take pictures in Ecuador right now. 
I really want to love on the kids in Ecuador right now. 
I wish Thanksgiving was sooner. 
I really like food. Especially homemade. 
I don't think I gained my freshman 15 this year... although technically I am not a freshman, but I am?
who knows. 
I love my job waaaaay too much, and I am so sad I have to find a new one for the summer. 
I love the beach. 
And again, God is very good. 

That is what I have been thinking about... plus more. Like how I shouldn't have consumed all of the caffeine that I did today. But, I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night, and I had to find some way to help me rally through my day. And rally I did. 

(f: 5.6; 1/15s; ISO 100)

(f:8.0; 1/30s;iso 1600)

I feel like the first picture is definitely something a little different than normal.

The second one I just had to post. Asher has a really bad cold, and can only breathe from his mouth. This means he can't suck on his paci while he sleeps... bummer? yes. So, today the only time I managed to get him to sleep was when I lay him down on my legs and bounced him up and down.... and he slept for maybe 25 minutes. Poor kiddo. He must have been tired.

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Karin said...

I like reading your ramblings today.

You're right, the first one is different. It is unusual to take a picture of a person from that angle, rather than looking at them with their feet closest to you.

I'm sorry about Asher. 25 minutes of sleep all day is hard on him and on you:(