Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 114

Happy Easter, ya'll.

I definitely had a full day.

  • Church
  • Showing the basement to a possible renter
  • Easter dinner 
So far, any holiday that my family is not around for can be kind of tough. I always miss them just a little bit more. 

Easter is slowly becoming one of my favorite holidays, for sure! The older I get, the more I realize how wonderful it is that Jesus died for me. I also realize how much I don't deserve it! Thank you, Jesus. 

Here is sweet Madilyn Kate :)

(f:7.1; 1/40s; ISO 800)
And here are more pictures from Easters: 

Lydia is such a good cousin :) 

Caiden asked to hold Madilyn 

They're both so cute :) 

I love how natural this is! ha. ha. 

They started hunting for the easter eggs. 

Don't ya just love thier matching outfits?

Grady found one! 

Bubble blowing contest

Mama and baby

Isn't she just teeny tiny?

I love how Dave has a knife out.... aha. 


Karin said...

David- put that knife away!

Christina, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't know what my family looks like! Thanks for posting pictures of everyone. It's great for me to see:)

I love how Maddie still has the peely newborn skin - oh how I miss that. She looks so much like Deb.

You took some really great pictures! My favorites are three: 1) the first one of Maddie - that dark background is great; 2) the third one of Lyd and Maddie - the angle is very nice; 3) the sixth one of Caiden holding Maddie - the soft lighting is very beautiful.

Please take more soon - I love seeing them!

I completely know how you feel about holidays being hard without family - Easter especially, for some reason. I've felt that for many years. But I'm glad you spent it with my family, and that your family will return to you soon:)

Katelyn said...

SHe is just one little precious thang. :) I am jealous.

Sarah said...

Christina, I love all of these. . . the one of Caiden holding his sister is too precious. I think Madylin looks a great deal like Caiden and Brett. Thanks for posting these!