Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 111

And again... here's for yesterday :)

(f: 22; 1/100s; ISO 1600)
So, I finally used my telephoto lens! It definitely takes some getting used to, but I can see how it can be very helpful in certain situations.

These next few pictures make me laugh so hard. I hung out with my friend Emily (for the first time in a long time!), and we had lots of fun together. for sure.

We bought chocolate bunnies from walmart. 

Life is good. Bahaha


She couldn't choose between P and the bunny. 

I think she was leaning towards P. She named her bunny Dexter. (fyi) 
Don't you just love P's hair? It's everywhere. I felt so bad that he couldn't see well, so last night I decided to give him a hair cut (just the hair that was covering his eyes). Now P has a bald spot. My bad.

My family is gonna love me ;)


Katelyn said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHA!! I love the classic picture

Karin said...

So cute.