Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 97

Work has been hectic this past week. Asher has been teething. Maxwell and Caden have been fighting a ton, and there is ALWAYS laundry to do.

It's amazing I was able to take even one picture... None of them turned out all that well, but the next time I have time I will try harder :)

(f:5.6; 1/13s; ISO 400)
 Asher is slowly (I hope) starting to like solid foods. He's been watching us (the people around him) eating, and he'll watch SO intently... but when you give him food, he won't put it in his mouth. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. EVERYTHING. Today he ate quite a bit of apple sauce though, and he seemed to enjoy it. My little boy is growing up!
(f: 1.4; 1/13s; ISO 400) 
The poor kid has been SO fussy lately. Normally he is a very happy baby, but with his cold, and with his teeth coming in, he is not a happy camper. I spent most of my day holding, loving, kissing, and rocking him to sleep. I was so happy to get him into his car seat while he slept, because he fell asleep ten minutes before we had to pick up Caden.


Katelyn said...

Ok, Christina Asher is pretty darn cute.

Karin said...

Teething time is not fun, and adding a cold to it is worse! I'm sorry, truly.

However, I think you did a great job getting his eyes to be crystal-clear in the first photo! Nicely done.

Sarah said...

I feel for you, Christina. A fussy baby and fighting sibs make everything take 10X longer and feel more like drudgery and less like enjoyment. I'll be thinking a lot of you this week (and praying, if I can remember)!