Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 109

  • I have absolutely no food in the house. 
  • I was *supposed* to go shopping about a week ago. 
  • I had plans to actually take some time and take a picture today.... but plans don't always work out the way that you want, eh?
  • And I did take pictures... but I had another idea in mind. Oh well, another time?
  • I loved the lighting today. 
  • I love it when Asher holds out his arms to me wanting to be picked up. 
  • I'm supposed to be leaving for class in 6 minutes. 
  • I've lost all motivation. 
  • I'm doing homework last minute (which is not like me at all)
  • My room is nice and clean though :) 
  • I'm really, really enjoying learning all about my camera
  • My family comes back in 35 days
  • There's a possibility that I may be going to Alabama in a few weeks
  • Asher is a scooter. One second he is there... and the next he is not. He's surprised me so many times
  • Life is beautiful. Breathe it in! :) 

(f:4.5; 1/250s; ISO 1600)
And now I am running late for class, but it was worth it ;)


Julianna said...

Cannot wait to see you waffle girl... I crack myself up.

Karin said...

I really like the soft lighting in this picture.

His light baby blues are so beautiful!

How cool that he's moving all over the place now. Andre is right at the verge of crawling, we just haven't called it "official" yet:)

Flower Photography said...

Gald I am not the only one to no go shopping when I should!! We have been on low food sometimes for ages! lol least we end up using stuff that I should that's in the cupboard :-)