Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 107

As most of you know (especially my family :)) I am a baby fanatic. Seriously. I absolutely love them. That's probably one reason why I LOVE my job so much (although I would still love it if I didn't have a baby to care for :)) I love everything about pregnancy, labor, delivery, newborns, and development. Everything. I could pick up a book about those things and be very intrigued for quite some time.
I love it. I really can not wait to have my own kiddos, and experience all that myself (yes, I'm strange). 
Okay, I can wait. I am actually really enjoying having this time as my time. I am very content not having a child to care for constantly. But I will be very excited the day that I have my own child :) 
So, when a baby comes around (that is, not my baby), I get very excited. 
This morning, my friend just had her third child; a little girl. So waking up to a text saying that she had arrived made my day :) Hopefully I will be around a lot to help out, and so that I can fill up on my baby loving and my toddler loving :) 
So, welcome to the world, precious darling. :) 

In other words, Easter is about here! This time of year always makes me so incredibly thankful. And it makes me so amazed, that Jesus would choose to die for me. (and you :)) He wasn't forced, he chose. He did this because he loves us so. He chose to go through these horrible trials so that I could live forever. 

Another good thing about Easter (not nearly as good though) is that it means delicious candy! :) 

I am not a huge fan of peeps, but they make a worthy photograph.

(f: 5.0; 1/8s; ISO 100)
I totally spaced on changing my ISO... that's why it was so dark at first! ha! 


Karin said...

Christina, please take a lot of picture of her if you can, and take care of them while they're all on their own, you know? I'm glad she has you around:)

Katelyn said...

I love little kids too! I think you already know that. :) And those peeps look surprisingly tasty.

Sarah said...

Christina, I half-hoped this post would have a picture of Maddie. . . but then again, I would have been jealous if it did!

^^^What Karin said.

Christina said...

I will try to get a picture of her pronto! I've met her, but only for a few minutes. :)