Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 121

I took a total of 3 pictures today. I feel like I've been in a photography rut. I'm hoping that once I finish this semester, I will have more time to focus on really learning even more about my camera. Also, when my family comes back, I will have more faces to practice on. I feel a sister photo shoot coming up in the near future. :)

Today I went out to lunch with my brother's girlfriend. We decided to go to Red Lobster, and visit my brother who works there. He was our server, and did a marvelous job... Although I'm not surprised. The food was good, but I enjoy the seafood on the coast of Ecuador better :)

Carmen and I shared a meal. I think the fries were the best part. I would go there and just order fries! yum!

(f: 5.0; 1/25; ISO 1600)

(f: 9.0; 1/25s; ISO 1600)

I don't really like the last picture, but I wanted to show ya'll that I tried something new today. I tried lobster. It was good. In moderation. I think if I had to eat more than what I ate, I would not have liked it.

Happy Sunday!


Katelyn said...

DUDE!!! Do you know what I was just saying to megan, I was saying that we need more pictures together, like good pictures, and I was thinking we could do a photo shoot, and you could be the photographer. :)

Katelyn said...
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Karin said...

I agree with you about lobster - a little goes a long way for me.

You're right, when your fam gets back you'll have a whole new photography world opened up to you! Not too long. Until then, the pictures you take of a certain set of three siblings are always appreciated;)