Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 145

The only pictures I took today were with my webcam.

Unfortunately I have not been feeling well lately. I went to Urgent Care tonight because we're thinking that it is possible that I have walking pneumonia. That's just one guess though.

Tomorrow was supposed to be my first day of work, but I had to call off and I feel so horrible. But I don't think I could have gone and watched two rambunctious boys while I'm having trouble breathing and I have no energy.

Tomorrow I will probably go get a chest xray and some blood drawn... hopefully we can figure out what this is! Then these headaches, pain while breathing, shallow breaths, and fatigue will go away... hopefully. Right now I am taking it easy and sleeping when I can... which is actually quite a bit. I was over at my neighbors house today and I fell asleep there... Which is so weird.

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Karin said...

Oh, Christina, I'm so sorry you're feeling this terrible. And right before your graduation. I hope you're recovered enough to participate.

I will pray for you right now.