Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 140

   I dislike goodbyes. 
They make me sad. 
So, when I had to drop off my dad at the airport at 5 this morning...
Well, let's just say I was in a slump all day. 
It's known as the "saying goodbye to family" slump. 
I sat by myself. All day. 
It was lonely.
But it was somewhat expected, and not uncommon.
Maybe the next time a family member leaves I should have plans to keep myself occupied?
That sounds smart. 

In the end, I'm thankful to have friends who laugh with me.
I'm thankful to have a God, who is all powerful.
And I am thankful to have a family, even when they are far away. 

Also, these pictures were thoroughly edited in Picnik.... whoever knew that department stores have BAD lighting?
The top picture is one of the dresses I am considering on getting for graduation. Who knows. 


Karin said...

These types of goodbyes are very sad. I guess you'll be seeing the rest of your family very soon, though?

I really like the gathered-skirt look on that top dress. I've never tried one on myself, but thing it looks very pretty on just about any woman I've seen wearing one.

Rach said...

Oooooh get the top dress! So purrrrty!

Katelyn said...

I really really like that dress. GET IT!!!

Julianna said...

I hate goodbyes too. Grrr. These next couple of days are full of them. Prayers are appreciated because I'm having a hard time with them. :(