Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 128

This is the beginning of my last week of school. It feels good.

I still have finals to get through, but I feel as though that will be a breeze.

Today I went and studied with my beautiful friend, Bailey, at Chipotle.

Bailey was one of my very first friends here in Colorado Springs. We went to the part time homeschooling program at TCA for our 8th grade year. We then both moved on to Early Colleges (she actually told me about it) for our 9th grade year. She then ditched me and went back to homeschooling. This semester we (surprisingly) had a class together. Actually, we have the worst class ever together, but we are both so thankful to have the entertainment of one another in the class.

Bailey is the sweetest person ever, and I hope that even when this class finishes we will still hang out often. She also loves photography (and is very good at it), so we're planning on going out and taking loads of pictures together... once we're done with finals and everything. She also has a few lenses that I would LOVE to try out.

(f: 11; 1/250s; ISO 800).
She's my favorite.

Oh, also, she's the one who did my hair and makeup for prom. She is so talented!


Karin said...

Awesome that you're almost done with school!

You're right, Bailey is very talented! I really like the post-processing she does with her photos. Do you happen to know what program she uses for her editing?

Rach said...

Studying with friends is so fun, even if you don't get much done. ;)

Dude, I'm a poet. And I KNOW IT.