Sunday, May 22, 2011

This Weekend.

Yesterday was a good, exhilarating, long, fun, happy, and tiring day. It was full of laughter and conversation.

I went to Denver with my friend Bailey. We went shopping (the Forever 21 there is HUGE), we ate good food, and we took some fun photos.

Today was another busy day. I had church, an interview, a graduation party to go to, and plans with a friend. 

Days like those are good. I like being busy. 

Oh, and I am 99% sure that I found a job. She wants to check my references, which should be stellar. In that case, I will start Thursday. It's two nine hour days a week. Which is nice, because then I still have free time this summer to spend with my family and my friends. She has two boys (what is it with me and always watching boys???) Thier ages are 7 and almost 6. 

It's nice to know what I am doing with my life over the summer. I definitely feel much more at peace now. Although, I know that even if this job does fall through, God is good and He always provides. 

I vote this was a good weekend.... and it isn't over yet... I'm assuming that this entire week is going to be grand. Tuesday my family comes back, and then on Friday I graduate :) 

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Karin said...

Yay! More great photos!!! Bailey is a wonderful model. I would like to acquire a model who is so willing to play around and have fun with different poses. That really helps you as a photographer, I think.

So much is happening in your life - that is very exciting. Congratulations on potentially finding a job. And boys - well, they're great, that's probably why you subconsciously veer toward them:) Just think, you are getting to be a big part in raising the next generation of men - no small task!